uhhuh Here's a touchin' story...
Here's a touchin' story...

What should I post here this time? Cosplay? Drawings? I'm losing track.


When the beat of a song is good, but the lyrics are trash:


Oh, right.

Gamescom. I forgot to post photos.


50. Ever used a bow and arrow?

You bet. Even owned a longbow when I lived in the States.

Mission Begins in—

EpiCon’s in less than two weeks. I’ve been doing tons of drawing since my last post (will share later) and brushing up my cosplay. Rifle’s almost done, but still an in-pieces WIP waiting to be assembled. And unlike this kangaroo, I’m not prepared. Bloody deadlines.

28. What was the last thing that made you laugh?

I watched Hobo With A Shotgun…

82. Favorite type of cookie?


Oh I’m alive, I’ve just been camping.

Long time no see. Life’s busy, but I think there’s only two details you’d find particularly interesting.

First off, I’ve been hard at work on my Sniper Rifle prop. That is a LOT of hard work when you’re on a budget with no tools, and have hardly any extra time. Ever. But, I’m taking pics of the progress and hope to sew it into some form of tutorial later on. However, I’ll post progress here if anyone’s interested.

Second, EpiCon is coming up in July. What? Apparently that’s a thing here in the Netherlands, and with a heavy focus on cosplay and gaming, it sounds promising. Sounds like Sniper will be making an appearance a month before Gamescom, afterall. If you happen to be going, you should join me!

Eh, I can’t think of a good wrap-up. Here, have a picture of me wearing my Crocodile Smile.

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